Sunday afternoon, in a cottage in the village of Salgar, Municipality of Puerto Colombia (Atlantic), a tragedy broke out among the guests of a luxury party. What started as an argument ended in a confrontation that resulted in the deaths of two people, including the birthday boy.


The latter caught the attention of the same guests for the luxury gifts parked in the parking lot: two minibuses surrounded by balloonsas can be seen in one of the videos posted on the networks this Monday.

“Gifts from the boys, look. The gift of compliments,” says one attendee at the party, enthused by the electronic music that was only being played over a loudspeaker at the time.

The live show has started. The first vallenato group to perform showed off their repertoire and were encouraged to perform in the middle of the festival. tell me his birthday to the honoree.

Another recording shows the dawn and minutes before the shoot, when it is possible to observe the intervention of another Vallenata musical group.

Until the “fight” broke out, according to the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police. According to witness statements, an assistant tried to get over it with a woman and armed conflict ensued.

One of the videos shows the moment when the last singer and his musicians took shelter behind the scenes to avoid the bullets. Behind them, an angry man is holding a rifle and some women are trying to calm him down.

Chaos, which was a celebration a few moments ago, has already reigned. A voice apparently an assistant said that one of those killed by the bullet he was later decapitated “with the mouth of a bottle”.

The other person injured after the attack was taken in an armored van to a care center in La Playa corregimiento, but died inside the vehicle during the journey.

A video recorded by the security camera shows the car driver losing control and colliding with a taxi driver. career in a family.

According to the authorities’ report, four people were caught for these events, but later released.

“In a booth, in a leisure activity, a group of people came face to face with firearms. “These people were chatting minutes ago and were involved in a bloody incident due to an argument,” said Colonel Jorge Urquijo, commander of the Barranquilla Police.

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Colonel Urquijo added: “Two persons carrying firearms have so far been caught without official documents. Likewise, two people who apparently participated in these unfortunate events are also being led.”

However, it was learned that they were released after they presented their documents in the afternoon.


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Source: Exame

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