Figures from a new survey by companies Guarumo and EcoAnalítica confirm the trend present in the last six measures of the presidential election: candidates Gustavo Petro and Federico Gutiérrez would advance to the second round.

The Percepción País study has the added value of being the freshest, as the fieldwork is done between Monday and Friday. 2,132 Colombians were asked face-to-face: If there were an election next Sunday, which presidential candidate would you vote for?


The answers were: Gustavo Petro, 36.4 percent; Federico Gutierrez, 30.6 percent; Rodolfo Hernandez, 12.4 percent; Sergio Fajardo, 6.9 percent; Ingrid Betancourt, 1.3 percent; John Milton Rodriguez, 1.1 percent; Enrique Gomez, 1.1 percent; Luis Pérez, 0.2 percent; blank vote, 5.7 percent; and I don’t know or not responding, 4.3 percent.

The new measure of Guarumo, revealed by EL TIEMPO, has provoked a backlash in the presidential candidates’ campaigns.

On the one hand, Federico Gutiérrez’s vice-presidential candidate, Rodrigo Lara, celebrated the measurement results, which clearly showed that the candidate has grown by 23 points in just two months.

“To grow every day, to have the support of the people. Working with full dedication, because Colombians don’t want anything for free, they want opportunities, and that’s the biggest principle of this country’s dream,” said former mayor Neiva. on his Twitter.

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On the one hand, Sergio Fajardo, who showed a decline in voting intentions in the latest opinion polls, made statements on his Twitter account.

He replied to a message he read from Humberto de La Calle, the former governor of Antioquia: “Petro cannot be 43.6% 3 days ago and 36.4% today. Neither Fico 26.7% and today 30.6% there is no possible 7% difference. “The second round was the day before and today is a draw. Something very bad is going on in the polls.”

In this context, Fajardo said, “I have always accepted the results of the polls, even if I have some doubts. But today I have to say: “Something stinks.” And it spoils the sense of political competition. The alarms are on”.

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Speaking on Gustavo Petro’s campaign, Roy Barreras assured that “in all the polls, they cannot hide the fact that Gustavo Petro won all his opponents in the first and second rounds”.

“They will not be able to hinder the Colombians’ decision to CHANGE with fraudulent polls, lies and slanders, or threats to swing their swords,” he said.

In response, he said, Petro should beat Fico by 17 points.

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Source: Exame

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