a cry husband and father moved the inhabitants of an eastern sector Bush asking for help Transporting his wife’s coffin to Venezuela and not abandoning his imprisoned son.

A Luis Palma’s sadness comes before Alfonso Bonilla has yet to accept what bitter days have come to his home in the Aragón neighborhood.In the 14th commune of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

He remembers coming to Cali from Venezuela for only 15 days to house some of his relatives in Cali, but he stayed and more than three years had passed. with his wife, Ingrid Coromoto Gomez Ezquiel and the three children decided they could make a living by producing and selling empanadas with their country’s spices.

“We were doing well because a lot of people liked us,” the man says. A shadow came when he decided to embark on an adventure to Peru two years ago, when one of his 31-year-old sons died in the covid-19 pandemic. They could not send his body back to their country.

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less than a year ago Íngrid Coromoto, 49, lost his family to the disease within two months.

Luis and Íngrid continued to support everyone in Cali as they had two sons and a grandson left.

One of these sons is Manuel, whom Don Luis Palma describes as a loving, intelligent and English-speaking boy with his mother. The sad part was About a year and a half ago I used drugs, although nothing permanent.. Anyway, they took him to boarding school to keep him away from immorality.

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He was taken to the hospital and called us to say he had colic. My wife went looking for him because he had everything with his son and even more so when covid killed his son in Peru,” says Don Luis.

He told his 26-year-old mother on Thursday morning that he was going to take medicine. “I told him not to let him go just because my son is coming from the process of letting go of that demon.‘ says dad.

He asked his mother for reassurance, and she gave him permission, but with the promise that he would be back soon.

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It was 11:40 am when Luis Palma told his wife that it was time to get back from her son. They went looking for him and found him apparently under the influence of cocaine.

So they brought him home in a taxi. After returning, Manuel drank water and was apparently calm when he fell asleep, and got up to have lunch and once more went back to bed. My mother was sleeping in another room.

Taking advantage of the fact that the mother and son were sleeping, Palma says she decided to stock up on Venezuelan empanadas. He was already returning when they called him to tell him to hurry up as something serious was going on in his house.

He couldn’t believe he had killed his beloved mother.The woman was stabbed to death in the same house.

After hours, The son presented himself to the prosecutor’s office in downtown Cali.but he assured her that he did not know why the woman died.

He told his father that he was able to see him that night. He said, “Apa, what am I doing here. I’m hungry and cold. Tell my mother to come.”

The father told him that he had killed the mother and repeated that this was not true. because she didn’t even raise her voice at him.

Don Luis seeks funding to transport the coffin of his wife, Íngrid, to Venezuela. They put more than one requirement on him because he is over 1.92 meters tall. You should get about six million pesos for the trip. For this, he is waiting for a call from the mobile number 321 8087097. “The whole family is waiting for him there,” she says.

But he says he cannot leave Cali without knowing what will happen to his son, who is now in prison. “My son is okay but he was attacked by a drug demon. I won’t leave him alone.”

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Source: Exame

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