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Beware NVIDIA, China’s MTT S80 PCIe 5.0 graphics card enters the market and is as powerful as RTX 3060 Ti


NVIDIA RTX graphics cards already have a new rival. gaming graphics card China Moore caterpillars MTT S80 This is the world’s first connector PCIe 5.0. According to its creators, it has a power equivalent to RTX 3060 Ti. And will be sold all over the world.

The computer games market has become one of the most popular in the world. To the point that both Xbox and PlayStation are launching their own exclusive games on PC.

Until now, gaming graphics cards have been a matter of two things: AMD with its RX Radeonand NVIDIA with its RTX. This year, Intel timidly debuted its ARC cards. And to surprise, we must welcome (with restrictions) the Chinese company moore steps.

The first PCIe 5.0 graphics card with a head start

His first gaming graphics card, Moore caterpillars MTT S80, already marks a milestone with the world’s first PCIe 5.0 graphics card. Something completely unnecessary, because if you compete with RTX 3060 Ti, you will never use the bandwidth it offers. Although, perhaps, this is a bet on the future.

According to ITHome via Tom’s Hardware, the new MTB S80 It is sold in the JD.com store, which is sold to everyone, and is specially designed for games.

Use Chunxiao GPUwhich has 4096 stream processors, 128 tensor cores, 256 texture units, and 256 render outputs at 1.80 GHz. 16 GB GDDR6 memory with a data transfer rate of 14 GT/s.

Its 256-bit data bus provides a throughput of 448 GB/s. Its processing power is 14.4 teraflops, which is slightly lower than the RTX 3060 Ti (review), which has 16.2 teraflops.

But its theoretical performance, or in mathematical operations per second, is one thing, and quite another, your gaming performance. In fact, current drivers only support a few 20 games, those who are interested in China. Namely, multiplayer online games: Call of Duty, Crossfire, Counter-Strike, Diablo 3, League of Legends, etc.


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But the manufacturer moore steps makes sure it works directly with developers to support more games. Best of all, without a doubt, the price: it’s worth everything 245 euro.

This is out of line with the new RTX 4000 at the moment, with the new RTX 4090 (review) leading the way. But we already know how fast Chinese companies are growing. New Moore Treads MTT S80 Gaming Graphics Card With PCIe 5.0 ensures that it can compete with RTX 3060 Ti. Should AMD and NVIDIA be concerned?

Source: Computer Hoy

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