Obstetrician Mohammed Imran participated in an extraordinary case he had never seen in his long career as a doctor. Initially, he thought it was a tumor found in the belly of a newborn baby.however, he would discover that there was a very unusual situation he would have to face.

The incident occurred at the Rani Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Ranchi, India.

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The little girl, who was about three weeks old, came to the medical center with a very swollen abdomen. After doing some tests, The paramedics were stunned to learn that the little one had eight embryos inside.

Their bodies were disfigured, and their own hair and genitals were encapsulated, British newspaper Daily Mail reported. The decision that the specialist had to make was clear, it was necessary to operate on the newborn.

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In this operation, in which eight foreign bodies were removed, It took 90 minutes. The girl did well and is recovering from the procedure.

According to the official page of Assisted Reproduction ORG, the difference between embryos and fetuses lies in gestational week: The embryo is less than 8 weeks and is called a fetus from then until birth.

Yet this phenomenon, which in many ways remains a mystery to experts, is called. fetus inside the fetuscaused by the incomplete separation of twins.

The fact is that this would be the case when more fetuses/embryos are found in a baby, in 1808 the ‘British Medical Journal’ being the first known media to report the existence of this condition.

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Rani’s doctors await further testing to confirm whether this is a type of teratoma, an unusual tumor that may contain hair, muscle, and bone.

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