November already he started and Black Friday This arrival, or This, he has brand What already This promotion some discounts interesting for WHO This to want to buy or Refresh your devices.

A. elementsAs a brand focused on premium gaming products, there are up to 55% discounts on many products throughout November, and we have chosen three products that can make a difference in your routine. Check the list and enjoy!

Magna gaming chair: comfort, elegance and massage

Magna gaming chair is a classic product. elements It started its history precisely in the chair market and was launched as a “revolution” in 2021. It promises ergonomics, durability and settings that will provide comfort for long-term use, so it is aimed at professionals who spend a lot of time sitting..

The chair is injected with custom-made foam and comes with a memory pillow set and even a massager; This could be perfect for tense days. Material knit and linen, so in addition to being very durable, it brings comfort and is breathable. It also comes in four color options to suit any environment..

For those who demand more, it is worth knowing that there is 4D adjustment on the arms and an inclination of the backrest up to 135°, which can be locked in any position. And it supports more weight for longer, just like a class 4 gas cylinder.

Magna chair for those looking for a sturdy, stylish and comfortable chair elements There is a 30% discount on Black starting from the beginning of the month November of the brand.

More products offered

Get more workspace with Elements' dual monitors.

The 2030 monitor that needs more consideration when it comes to boosting productivity XTi It has 2K resolution at 28 vertical inches and can be used as a dual display. And this in two senses: both to divide the space into two overlapping 22-inch screens and to use two computers simultaneously in 2030 mode XTi Professional.

In other words, it’s ideal both for those who work with a variety of information on a daily basis, such as designers, programmers and people in technology, as well as for sharing space in smaller environments, offering a lot of performance in a good amount of space..

HE there is to technologies Nano IPS and HDR10, to bring Images to throw HE breath, he has certification from protection against light blue, One camera professional Unified 5 MP and various doors inside connection, like HDMI, USB-C, HUB, USB and More.

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of ergonomic adjustment in all directions: articulation, height and tilt, so you can adapt the screen to your needs. And if you’re interested, the 2030 monitor XTi 51% discount on Black this month November from elements.

Armstrong Monitor Stand: Strength and Durability

Trust the strength, ergonomics and durability of the Armstrong bracket.

There is almost literally no point in having a weight monitor without having a support that improves its use. For this reason elements Offers Armstrong support that, as the name suggests, is intended to be strong, sturdy and durable.

It is made of aluminum and there are gas cylinders at the connection point to facilitate adjustment. However, you can customize the height, angle and position of the monitor according to your needs for greater ergonomics and comfort in your daily life..

AND HE malleability This Good important for help to develop stance, to reduce HE tiredness lens and to prevent pain -most neck, shoulders This back, especially inside WHO it works HE day all -most front related to computer. HE yet This compatible with various screens inside until 9 kilos, growing your Benefit.

Armstrong monitor with all its great features elements 55% discount on black November.


NO It matters, it matters Which product You This calling, elements This with A lot items interesting with discounts during All HE moon inside November. Worth it pity to give One To look on the website brand for to know to offers. AND to follow connected -most TecMundo for check discounts Good interesting to far related to moon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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