An unfaithful man emerged through a mistake of his own making. He got a message from his girlfriend and finally played it over Bluetooth.

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It all started when he was in his car with his wife and he heard a voice from the woman he was secretly dating. He never suspected that his partner would post the video and it would go viral soon.

He quickly got out of the car to listen to her. She had been very nervous about the situation and wanted to hide it. Again, completely forgot that the mobile phone is connected to Bluetooth, so as soon as Play wife heard the whole conversationn sitting from the passenger seat.

Hello my love. Why didn’t you message me? are you with your wife or what are you?“This is the first thing heard in the video that went viral on social networks. But it didn’t end there, this man was too far away to realize that the voice his girlfriend was listening to was heard in the street. The car I left him.

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Like him smart phone I didn’t get it, I kept playing. This is how he gave his wife time to start recording everything. She decided to confront him with the video in hand and upload everything to TikTok so that there would be no doubt about her cheating.

The clip quickly went viral. It even got over 90,000 views in a matter of seconds.

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Many users applauded the woman for her courage in showing her case on social media. Others mocked the man’s colossal carelessness and clumsiness for not realizing that the device was still connected to Bluetooth.

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