Storybook apps for kids on the App Store

Looking for something more educational for your kids than videos or games? Then what you need are storybook apps with educational cartoons.

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this children’s stories open your doors imagination and creativity In addition to children, they develop memory, stimulate language and help. fight your fears.

Storybook apps for kids on the App Store

List of apps with stories for kids

If you want your child to thrive passion for reading from a young age and learn values, habits and other skills, take a look at them 8 story apps for kids Available in Apple Store.

Story apps for kids: the best for iPhone and iPad

  • Children’s Stories: Read Booka
  • didactic children’s stories
  • Children’s Stories – HeyKids
  • Little stories for children
  • Children’s stories for Lucas
  • Classic Children’s Stories
  • Bedtime Stories: HD
  • Short Stories – Children’s Tales

You can see some of them below kids story apps for the whole family. They contain colorful pictures that make reading more fun. Join us!

Children’s Stories: Read Booka

Children's Stories Booka Read: thousands of children's books

Children’s Stories Booka Read: thousands of children’s books

with an application. children’s stories and fairy tales this experiences and the opportunity to navigate the world of entertainment galore. designed for 0-9 years old children and includes fun and interactive titles from the main publishers in the country.

In addition, the interface is a simple design Thanks to its system, it is comfortable to use and quite safe. Parental Control. With it, the little ones at home will be able to listen to their favorite stories told by professional voice actors and explore a wide variety of books.

didactic children’s stories

Classic and original fairy tales for the whole family

Classic and original fairy tales for the whole family

It is an application that presents in the database. children’s stories, classic, short, moral and with visuals for children coming 4 years old.

App stories to promote values, educate and teach children the importance of life, love and friendship. some classic stories among which we all know The ugly duckling, Little Red Riding Hood and 3 little pigs and others contain completely original images.

Children’s Stories – HeyKids

Kids Stories - HeyKids: download stories and watch offline

Kids Stories – HeyKids: download stories and watch offline

with an application. children’s stories It is very useful especially when it is time to sleep. This application babies and toddlers and includes 3D motion videos.

With this platform your little one will put blow your imagination with its wonder stories and cartoons. It also supports duplication of content without the need to connect to the internet, making it optimal. The perfect app for travel.

Little stories for children

little stories for kids

Little stories for kids: stories about your amazing kids

Of all the apps, this is perhaps the most original. about Little stories for childrenan app that you can customize stories and stories in your son’s name, this way you can have your little one hero and superhero one of your favorite stories

In addition, the platform is integrated great melodies and images This will keep the kids entertained for several hours. As if that wasn’t enough, the system tell your own stories and even create personalized audiobooks with positive messages.

Children’s stories for Lucas

Children's stories for Lucas

The best stories for the little ones at home

While its interface isn’t the most attractive on the list, it’s a good app with a large library. classic and original children’s stories. If you are looking for a fun and educational education, Children’s stories for Lucas what you need.

With this platform, there will be no room for boredom, story list It is very comprehensive accompanied by thumbnails, so your little one will have hours guaranteed. educational reading.

Classic Children’s Stories

Classic Stories for Kids

Classic Kids Stories: stories for kids and more

with an application. more than 200 stories under the wide category diversity: bedtime stories, Aesop’s tales, fairy tales, early reading stories, moral stories and more.

The platform is divided into 2 modes: “read by myself” and “read to me!”. The first option is children improve reading and second it helps you improve your hearing ability. seize the opportunity and Strengthen your bonds with your child with the help of this app stories for kids.

Bedtime Stories: HD

Bedtime Stories-HD: dozens of stories to discover

Bedtime Stories-HD: dozens of stories to discover

Bedtime Stories: HD excellent app stories for kids before going to bed. It contains a large collection in the database. optional stories, captions and narration.

Additionally, a local narrator or strengthen your bonds with your children by reading. Also includes original drawings and teaches important values ​​like any story. love and friendship.

Short Stories – Children’s Tales

Short Stories - Children's Tales: a great collection of original stories

Short Stories – Children’s Tales: a great collection of original stories

Last but not least, we have short storiesA good alternative to listening and learning. this is a great collection original stories and long-standing but still valid, that the child can not only learn values ​​and moralsbut at the same time new words.

And not only the words in their mother tongue, but also some English language. Also, the platform has professional storytellers this will help Children 3 to 8 years old in the process of going to bed and sleeping peacefully.

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