Spain is one of the options that Colombians have to establish themselves professionally. The country offers opportunities to foreigners in order to strengthen its economy.

Among the many job postings that can be found, The Seine Public Employment Agency issued a special call on May 2 to find 30 nurses Those who want to work with an indefinite contract in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

According to the proposal reproduced by the government agency, There is a need for 30 people who are university graduates, that is, professionals in the field of nursing. This is the basic requirement. They do not require experience.

Of course, people who are “approved or in the process of being approved” will be given priority. This process consists of ensuring that the work carried out outside of Spain is recognized by the authorities of that country.

(You can read: Canada is looking for Colombians to open new businesses in this country).The contract is for an indefinite period with a salary of between 8,000,000 and 10,000,000 Colombian pesos for full-time work.

There are more than ten functions, such as: managing the budget and ensuring the availability of equipment and supplies, administering medications and treatments prescribed by the doctor, supporting surgery and other medical procedures, and coordinating nursing services with other healthcare services.

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It was not specified which company is seeking nurses from Colombia.

You can view the open position conditions in detail from this link of the Public Employment Agency. Don’t forget to check if the vacancies are still open during your application.

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Source: Exame

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