Raytheon has closed a $10 million contract for two DARPA energy-based system prototypes. Under the Grid Dominance program, this is the cause of energy affordability. The military, for whom this technology was created, is in the early stages simplifying the style of energy consumption without the need to communicate and carry fuel for generators.

The concept of this system is based on the use of relay drones, these are the main logistics companies that can be delivered to destinations of great complexity and length. For this, it received the name “energy Internet”. Reuse energy for many objects, but not for most. Energy transfer will be carried out simply – through laser beams.

Repeater droneRepeater drone

The high priority of such systems in the presence of risks associated with the delivery of energy resources is dangerous territories. It is also possible that energy consumption may be overestimated. P physical robots.

Cons and concepts such as more and more energy vessels. 20% discount on electricity and laser light usage and 50% discount on fraternal conversion. Don’t follow this important division: costs and losses produced in the background. Moreover, energy production can be anything, like nuclear power plants or power grids. This project is used by us, the technology can be adapted. energy.

Source: Tech Cult

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