Whats upOne of the most used instant messaging applications in the world. updates in 2022. From “seeing only once” to wordy reactions and messages. But it is not possible to put it yet. music to the states of this platform.

What Facebook and instagram If they have this feature, it is expected that WhatsApp will also take over it at some point. While this is happening, this is an alternative to including music in your states for now.

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The proprietary tech portal Xataka recommends using Facebook stories to later embed them into WhatsApp statuses.

To do this, you must go to the Facebook application and click on the “Create story” option. Next, you must select a photo or video to use as a background, or use Text, Music, Boomerang, etc. to create a template.

When you do this, the story editor will open. Once there, you’ll be able to edit your photo, add text or make your preferred adjustments. then press the ” iconstickersClick ” in the upper left corner to access the ‘Music’ menu.

Find a song you like and add it. When you’re done editing your “story”, hit the share button to have it published on your Facebook profile. From there you have to save it as a video and then upload it to WhatsApp statuses.

Go to your story on Facebook and while viewing it, click the three horizontal dots in the top right to open options. In the drop-down menu you need to select the “Save Video” option.

In WhatsApp you have to go to the “status” section and upload the video you just recorded. Once published, you can view it and listen to the music of your choice.


Source: Exame

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