Have you ever wondered if the person who blocked you changed their profile picture? Whats up? There are many users with this type of doubt and so today we are going to give you a simple trick that will get you out of trouble so that you can check this question even once.

Note that you don’t need to download some third party apps or anything like that because everything is inside the world. Whats up.

Sometimes downloading a third-party app can harm not only your mobile but also your mobile phone. also to the privacy of your conversations.

To find out if a person who has blocked you or not in the application has changed their profile photo, you need to follow a few simple and quick steps to the letter. You can even see it in less than a minute.

– The first thing to do is to ask someone you trust. Add to a group with the person who blocked you.

– Of course, that friend must know. also to the same person.

– When they’re both in the same group, they just won’t be able to chat.

– You can also view when They read your message and even your profile picture.

Source: Exame

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