A serious traffic accident occurred on the road from Thesalia municipality to La Plata in Huila this Wednesday morning. A truck with license plate EQO-094 carrying D1 products collided with a public service bus From Comotor company, plates THV-195.


Thessaly authorities confirmed 9 deaths, including a child under 17 and the bus driver traveling on the bus. While the identities of the 8 passengers who lost their lives in the accident have not been disclosed yet, it is feared that the number of dead will increase as the hours pass.

“We have at least 5 injured,” said the officials, who were taken to La Plata hospital.

The vehicles collided head-on on the known sector of the El Colegio bridge in the village of La Angostura, apparently one of the drivers would occupy the opposite lane according to initial hypotheses.

Comotor company spoke with regret over the death of driver Yilber Liévano Sánchez and other passengers who lost their lives. He also stressed that the truth is a matter of investigation.

Colonel Gustavo Adolfo Camargo, the commander of the Huila police, asked drivers to be even more careful on the road, taking into account the rains that have occurred in the last days.

Source: Exame

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