In recent months, the “most viral” Dominican Yailin and Puerto Rican Anuel AA have been overjoyed as their baby Cattleya is only a few weeks away from arriving.. Expectant parents are excited and often post ultrasound images of their little girl on social networks.

A few weeks ago, some images of Yailin at the hospital were leaked, and rumors were spread online that she had already given birth. The same artist denied this gossip and showed off her belly on her Instagram stories, implying that everything was going great with her pregnancy.

Cattleya’s arrival is eagerly awaited by the followers of both singers, who wonder who the baby will look like. Although only a few weeks into her arrival, Yailin shared an affectionate image of her little girl on her social networks.


The photo corresponds to an ultrasound in which the face of the baby, who should be six months pregnant, is clearly visible. Also, Yailin accompanied her post with the text: “Flower, beautiful divine flower, who does Cattleya look like?”

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The broadcast became very popular and garnered more than 180 thousand likes in less than 24 hours. and hundreds of comments from internet users stating that the baby looks like his father.

“A precious baby and will remain so”, “A copy of Anuel”, “She looks like her parents”, “She looks like both, God bless”, she read the comments.

On the other hand, there are those who take the opportunity to joke about this moment and ironically say that the baby looks like Karol G or even Anuel AA’s great-grandfather.

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