Lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella will jump onto music platforms from his firm of judicial and criminal lawyers.. The 43-year-old Bogota artist has announced that he will hold a special “cabaret-style” concert to promote his album ‘Navegante, un viaje del corazón’.

“Life is a journey in itself, an adventure that seeks the north for love, pleasure, La Dolce Vita, Style and admiration in the noblest forms of art,” she wrote on her Instagram account. .

The presentation will take place on May 19 at 20:00 at the Crystal Pavilion in Barranquilla. According to the lawyer, it will be “in front of the legendary Magdalena River” in a cabaret style that dates back to yesteryear.

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Tickets are of high value. As can be seen on the Tuticket page, the venue was distributed to approximately 50 tables for 4, 8 and 10 people.

With the cutoff until May 6, the seats closest to the stage have already been sold; only the last few tables are for sale and each seat costs $900,000. So the total value of buying a table for 10 people is $9,000,000.

Some Internet users have prices and they came to compare them to a concert by the rock band Guns N’ Roses.. It’s worth mentioning that tickets costing between $133,000 and $698,000 to see legendary American musicians under the command of Axl Rose sold out within a few hours.


On October 11, more than 40,000 fans will sing ‘November Rain’, Sweet Child O’ Mine’ among many other hits at the El Campín Stadium in Bogota.

For his part, all proceeds from the lawyer’s unique presentation will be allocated to the “Abelardo De La Espriella Scholarships and Solidarity Harvest foundations” on his social networks.

De la Espriella debuted a few years ago. For example, one of their songs is called ‘A Mi Manera’, an adaptation of Frank Sinatra’s 2019 song. Now he has decided to release an album called ‘Navegante, un viaje del corazón’. It will premiere at its concert in Barranquilla.

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“Music is always the music of life,” he assured on his networks. Therefore, he decided to refine the details in his comments and capture it in this piece.

“Navegante is a song of the soul, a journey around the world, a journey through ancient Europe full of grace and power, through the passion and open veins of Latin America, cities that never sleep, and seas of inspiration for the soul. great,” he stressed.

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Source: Exame

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