Those who were born abroad and are descendants of Spanish exiles for political, ideological or religious reasons You can apply for Spanish citizenship from this Thursday, Under the Democratic Memory Act, which has been in effect since last Friday.


The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes the Department of Justice’s instructions and the application forms that those concerned must fill out this Wednesday.

Those born outside of Spain to a father or mother, grandparent who is originally Hispanic will be able to choose “Spanish citizenship”. and have lost or renounced their citizenship as a result of exile for political, ideological or religious reasons, or because of sexual orientation and identity.

Thousands of Spaniards went into exile, primarily in Latin America, at the end of the Civil War (1936-1939) and at the beginning of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco (who died in 1975), who rebelled with other military leaders. Second Republic Government.

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According to the eighth additional provision of the said law, “Those born abroad to Spanish women who have lost their citizenship” can also choose To marry foreigners before the coming into force of the 1978 Constitution”.

It may also be claimed by adult children of Hispanic nationals whose nationality has been recognized by the right of choice under the current or previous law (approved in 2007) governing this matter; this established a deadline that expired in 2011 and was replaced by current democratic memory legislation.

In all these cases, interested parties will need to formalize the statement of option within a two-year period, which the Government can extend for another year.

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The request will be forwarded to the Population Directorate General or Consular Officer according to the models published by the BOE.

In the period determined by the previous rule, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs data, 213,787 people were granted Spanish citizenship and 378,862 applications were made.

Ibero-American countries represented 95 percent of the claims, notably Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela.

*With information from EFE

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