instagram It is slowly releasing its new update and one of the most remarkable innovations is the ‘Silent Mode’ coming to the application.

This new alternative will allow users to set some restrictions, for example, block notifications for a certain period of time or limit who can send you direct messages.

Social network users currently if you decide to enable this alternative, you will not receive notifications and the status of the activity will change, It shows ‘Quiet Mode’ is on. You can even configure auto-reply to be sent when receiving a direct message.

It is also known that this mode can be activated by programming for a long time or at certain times of the day, shows a summary of what was not reported during deactivation.

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Silent mode is currently only available in limited countries such as: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

However, it is expected to reach the rest of the world with updates soon.

Source: Exame

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