pending trial against John Paulo, New details on recent US citizen conversations with US DJ Valentina Trespalacios.

These conversations Whats up They belong to a session opened on a friend’s computer weeks ago. This woman handed over the device to the authorities and uncovered some stunning photos of the suitcase in which Poulos was probably traveling to Colombia.

In images revealed by RCN News, DJ’s last conversations with this foreign citizenHere John Poulos’ obvious distrust is indicated.

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As the media revealed, these conversations are from January 19. you can see a photo of it there damaged blue suitcaseIt will belong to Poulos and will match the luggage rack where DJ’s body was found days later.

In the middle of the chat discussion, we read how Valentina explained it. she is not with anyone else.

“Who said I was going to the party, I made a video call, I’m at her house with Manuela, we went to a marijuana conference and that’s it, yes there were more people but I’m not with anyoneI don’t know where you got that from,” said Trespalacios.

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Faced with Valentina Trespalacios’ statement, Poulos “ok my love”. In other parts of the conversation, the woman explains that this man has a few things to do on January 20, the day he arrives in the country.

“Facial and lashes appointment. I’ll pack my bags and see you later. I always told you January 20,” she wrote, later adding: “I am not changing the date”referring to the day they will move in together.

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In the resulting images, you can also see some photos that John Poulos sent to the young DJ. These records are part of the evidence the prosecution has against the US citizen.

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Source: Exame

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