A 25-year-old hacker stole and put the personal data of all Austrian residents up for sale. The database contains 9 million data sets for an Austrian population of 9.1 million. The police pointed out that, most likely, this data has already fallen into the hands of criminals.

The hacker puts the data of all Austrian citizens up for sale

The Alpine National Police announced the arrest of a 25-year-old hacker from the Netherlands, who stole the personal data of Austrians, writes Reuters. The authenticity of these data was confirmed by law enforcement.

The database contains 9 million unique data sets on Austrian citizens. Considering that the country’s population is 9.1 million people, the attacker had information on almost all Austrian citizens: their names, dates of birth, gender, residence address.

The hacker was arrested in November 2022, but the police announced the arrest only now, so as not to harm the investigation. Law enforcement agencies suggested that the data that reached the hacker was already available to criminals.

The attacker also put up similar data sets of Italian, Dutch and Colombian citizens for sale, Austrian police said, adding they had no further details.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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