Ennis, the waiter at the luxury Kappadocia residential complex in northern Bogotá, was the first to enter. To apartment 802 hours before Valentina Trespalacios, a 21-year-old DJ, drowned.

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The waiter assured the Prosecutor’s Office that the stranger who rented the flat left at 11:45 on Sunday, January 22. The only thing that caught his attention was that he threw his clothes on the passenger seat of the car he was in, took out a few suitcases and asked for more time to deliver the place.

When Ennis entered the 802, he said everything was fine, including that someone had swept the apartment: “There were condom wraps in the bathroom trash cans and chopped lemons in the kitchen. (…). The beds were unmade. Nothing strange happened to me, the towels were clean”.

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However, the prosecutor of the case, Daniel Gómez, The stranger John Nelson Poulos mentioned by the employee cleaned up the crime scene where the young DJ took his life.

“Carrera took him to the apartment on 21st and 101st, had sex with Valentina, and then grabbed her by the neck and started beating her violently. (…). He pressed with his bare hands and struck with his fists (…). He crudely manipulated the body, dehumanizing it.”Gomez said at the court hearing.

That’s why he wanted to be tried. aggravated femicide and destruction of evidence, ie up to 40 years in prison.

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On Thursday, they began meeting at the same time as the young woman’s funeral—including mariachis, gunpowder, and an electronic console. Videos of Poulos picking up one of the 802 suitcases in a grocery cart and squeezing it into the gray car he rented when he arrived in Bogota.

The same vehicle was captured by security cameras two hours later next to a garbage container in the Los Cámbulos park. 9 minutes from El Dorado airport. The footage shows a man stepping outside, opening the trunk and throwing a suitcase into the trash.

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Photos organized by EL TIEMPO show A blue suitcase with black tape and no wheels, DJ’s neck and head outside, blood flowing from his mouth and nose. It was next to a blanket, a bleach container, and many garbage bags.

In the hand luggage that Poulos was carrying when he was arrested on Tuesday, January 24, in Panama on his way to Turkey, He was wearing the same masking tape with which he “packed the body,” according to the prosecutor. Also, $7,000 in cash the US is following.

Pablo Silva, Valentina’s ex-boyfriend and manager, said that the DJ’s dream is to play in Europe. and for that he studied at DJ Academy.

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She had even recently had surgery on her stomach; and the sash he wears are included in the forensic records that note the causes of death: “Signs of suffocation are given by the presence of five purple pressure grooves on the anterior face of the neck.”

The testimonies show that Poulos, a 35-year-old financial representative, expressed doubts about his partner. In fact, one of the reasons investigated is that Valentina, whom she met on Instagram a year ago, planned to end her life.

Manuel Monto, the manager of Massy Motors car rental company, gave a clue. He said Poulos arrived in Colombia to pick up his Volkswagen Voyage, which was assigned on Friday, January 20, a day after his arrival.

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“The conversation begins with Mr. Poulos talking about coming to see his girlfriend, commenting that he felt she was being used by him. because she looks so beautiful on him. And he keeps showing me a photo of Valentina,” the employee said.

Moreover, There is evidence that Poulos convinced Valentina that they would live together. But a few data contradict this.

The flat where Valentina bought her belongings seems to have been rented for 3 days; And the American brought very few items in a blue suitcase, although he assured her that he would move to Colombia.wheel missing ul.

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The vehicle was also rented for 72 hours and Poulos is known to have gotten into another woman. The day before the DJ arrives with anxiety.

The American’s suspicions about the relationship were brought up by Valentina in Cancun.Where they met in person in May 2022.

“This one wants to get married (…), she’s a little bored because I don’t give her a kiss or anything. And she said I know she’s not attractive to me. You don’t have to pretend””Valentina wrote to a friend.

then they came scenes of jealousy, suspicion and investigative Who followed Valentina?

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The DJ’s mother, Laura Hidalgo, described one of these episodes: “He had a problem with it in December. (…). There was a DJ event and John said that because he was abroad, he was jealous that he had hired a private detective to keep an eye on him (…). A friend touched his leg and he got in trouble. My daughter told him he was crazy. She stopped talking to him and blocked him. Then he talked to my son so they could forgive him and they came back.” Hidalgo pointed.

A friend of Valentina’s assured that Poulos may have learned that the DJ was traveling with someone else: “…He (Poulos) was going to make a $1000 shipment. But Valentina had gone to Aruba with Santiago. She didn’t know how to make John not notice it, and she told him she had a touch there. He said he needed the money and sent it to me through the Moneygram exchange house.”

And added I knew they were consuming 2CB (tusi): “(…) They were at the Restrepo disco on Friday and they asked for 2CB and John consumed it. But what Valentina told me was that she went crazy, took the drug too hard, He didn’t tell me he was getting too enthusiastic and just wanted to party and party, but if he was aggressive.

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The driver of the Uber that drove him through Bogota He admits to asking about the drug.

But it was a Massy Motors employee who provided other relevant information: “The gentleman arrives at 15:30 (Sunday) for the early return of the vehicle. I see him a little excited and eager enough. (…). I noticed a scratch on the left side of the rear bumper that I should have picked up from him and took him to the airport.”

Investigators are confident that the scratch was at the time the body was removed. Y now in the vehicle, looking for the moment when Poulos threw Valentina’s iPhone into a field near El Dorado.

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Officials from the United States and Colombia are trying to determine if there is another piece of money Poulos brought in the femicide case that has to do with the origin. He also said why the mafia was behind the incident.

His family has already been informed Poulos could remain imprisoned in Colombia until 2063.

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