This Tuesday, January 31st, the hearing of the insurance claim claim against you John Nelson Poulos, 35, American, boyfriend and the prime suspect in the murder of DJ Valentina Trespalacios.

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The prosecution will begin to explore some of the evidence that Poulos is trying to prove that he strangled the young woman after she had sex with him and beat him violently. For this reason, a lawsuit will be filed against him for aggravated femicide and concealment of evidence.

The psychological profile of Poulos and the various testimonies released by EL TIEMPO this weekend will be crucial. Among others, the employee who hired the vehicle in which Trespalacios’ body was transported assures him that when he arrived in Bogotá Poulos, he told him, “I think he’s using me.”

Likewise, DJ’s friends say that Poulos is upset. for a trip to Aruba with his friend Santiago Luna behind him and asking him to deposit money for him.

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But there is a new vein in the investigation that EL TIEMPO found. The fact that the American has deleted his profiles and information on networks goes beyond hiding his responsibility for the crime.

The Christian church in Wisconsin that the murder suspect went to sent a letter about his behavior in recent years.

But there is a different version that your pastor mentioned. Here it becomes clear that Poulos is a regular client of Colombian sex workers and models of webcam platforms that have already leaked data about their meetings.

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It would even be to call at least two of them to pass on the information in a confidential manner.

The man was a huge consumer of adult content pages, the man went in and paid by the minute for almost 5 or 6 hours, He’s got a lot of imagination, he always told stories but a real man sometimes acts like a gentleman, it’s weird,” one of the webcam models reassured.

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According to the testimony of the young woman, known only to EL TIEMPO, Poulos reassures her that he is in love with her and that it could go wrong, so he assures the man that he stopped talking to her without further explanation.

He gave me the example that if I’m at a bar and he comes, I’ll talk to him. I told him no and he replied: reason enough for both of us to die, maybe I’m jealous, Hah!‘, the young woman told a close friend of the DJ.

And he added that he received this message in a chat on the webcam platform he was using and thought it was an empty comment.

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Also, Poulos He made transfers from the United States several times through different bank accounts and said that the name he used on his adult content page was “magic master”.

And he assures that one of the American’s colleagues, a webcam model, is “the tipper” (his loyal customer), but has never met him in private video calls.

Authorities are now confirming whether the accounts the young woman refers to are the same accounts Poulos used to send money from the US to Valentina.

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In addition, according to the information revealed by EL TIEMPO, a woman entered the apartment where Poulos lived. He was hired for three days and convinced Valentina that it was where they were going to live.

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