In Cartagena de Indias, land theft and illegal occupation of areas such as the islands of Barú and Tierrabomba are making a name for themselves, but the Attorney General’s attention is particularly marked in the north. city, On the road connecting Cartagena to Barranquilla; It is the area with the largest urban projection in the country.where they go 5th, 6th and 7th floor hotel and residential projects.
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Today, fixes like Arroyo Hondo, Punta Canoa or Arroyo de las Canoas are targeted by illegal squatters.

At a public hearing by the Office of the Attorney General in the capital of Bolivar on the occupation of the lands in Bolivar and Cartagena, Lawyer Margarita Cabello has heard and received fifty complaints from the voices of lawyers and communities.

Hearing the complaints, the head of the Ministry of Interior says, “They come in four-door minibuses, they come armed, and they set up tents very quickly, they locate them, and a thousand people can be accommodated quickly in one night.” for example, the island of Barú, where unscrupulous people want to eradicate the legal past of the Santana farm, which was handed over to the Afro communities but was the target of illegal invasions.

Most land thefts are the complicity of public officials such as police inspectors, notaries, editors-in-chief, office secretaries, and even Republican judges.

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“Unfortunately this is a nationwide situation, so we’re in a few areas and they keep calling us. It’s a longstanding issue because it’s a complex issue because of neglect and slow attention, but it’s also out of fears because there are groups that seize the land and sell it fast, which gives high enrichment because it’s high value land,” added the head of the Public Ministry.

The lawyer also listened to the heroes of the old land case, where the Santo Domingo Foundation carried out a project for social housing, but in the south of the city a family requested title deed.

“While starting these processes, what we do is call the judiciary and say ‘beware, we have accusations against these judges’, ‘there are no such tutelages’. We searched notaries and registries and substantiated the complaints we received today.”

In the Atlantico department, this exercise has already been carried out, and the head of the Public Ministry has reported the results.

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“In the Atlántico department, we are conducting investigations into the dismissal of the Registrar, the suspension of notaries, the investigation of secretaries and judges, the involvement of the Prosecutor’s Office, and the reduction of illegal occupations. We have 17 ongoing investigations and are delivering results. We will initiate the same articulation with the prosecution in Cartagena and Bolivar and review all the evidence submitted by the complainants and they will initiate calls to other responsible bodies”, the Attorney General concluded.

John Montano
EL TIEMPO correspondent

From Twitter: @KitePilot

Source: Exame

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