Carlos Alberto Díaz, known in the internet world as ‘La Granja del Borrego’, is the Colombian winner of the TikTok 2023 awards in the best knowledge creator category.

16-year-old ‘Borrego’ talks about his daily life in the Colombian countryside on his social networks, where he has more than 16 million followers.

The young man started the project in 2019 and has since He did not stop producing content related to agricultural activities. and care for the environment.

Díaz attended the award ceremony in Mexico City, where 14 different categories were awarded in this edition.

I learned on TikTok’- or better knowledge creator ‘La Granja del Borrego’ was also competing with Calligraohilic, Curiospace and my teacher Fidelito.

“My animals are deserving of this award,” Díaz said as he took to the stage, his more than 200 pets live with him and his family in Cundinamarca. He gained recognition for his chickens, sheep, horses and dogs and was able to offer tips and tricks.

“Thanks to them, I can teach them anything,” she said, amid laughter and applause from the audience. With the love of the public, the Colombian creator said goodbye to everyone with his already iconic make-up. saying goodbye to his videos “goodbye farmers”, sung by everyone present at the event.

At the award ceremony, which was watched by more than 5.2 million people from the @tiktok_español account, there were also surprises such as the return of the successful music group RBD, which is about to return to the stage after 15 years.

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Source: Exame

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