You may have seen people on social networks converting their photos into manga or anime style. Today, this type of portrait is very easy to take and can be done from a mobile phone with various applications. artificial intelligence creating these images similar to humans in a few minutes.

A few months ago the app became very popular Lensa Ai that makes human portraits look like they’re part of a video game. To create these images, the app needed between 10 and 20 photos of the person with their facial features clearly visible.

However, applications that use artificial intelligence to make such portraits raised many doubts about the processing of the data it collects from the photos of its users.

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For example, in Lensa Ai’s terms and conditions, they state that the user has all the rights to the content they produce. However, they also disclose that they have permissions. “to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works and transfer such content”.

In this sense, the artistic images created by this application help to train Lensa’s artificial intelligence. Although its creators, Prisma AI, confirmed that they do not save personal information and that the photos users upload are deleted after 24 hours, If the AI ​​uses the avatars it creates to train itself.

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Other cybersecurity experts commented on Twitter that users are giving up the dominance of their own faces. Because they can use the images they create according to Lensa’s data protection regulations, and even resell them.

In this sense, there is a risk that more images will be produced against the will of the person depicted. On the other hand, Several users claim that these portraits are made from artwork stolen from real artists. Some even claimed that you can see some kind of signature of the artists peeling off in the images.

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