Segment loyalty every time foldable phones This is not surprising as it is one of the few growing markets for smartphones right now. Well, it is known OPPO wants to be the segment leader and therefore will make a big bet on its next model, which is expected to arrive in 2023.

The terminal we are talking about OPPO Find N3and this time it will be a much more advanced evolution of the new model leaving the borders of China. Besides the usual advances that usually occur in hardware, the company a very important qualitative leap in what it has to do with photography. In this way, both those launched by Samsung and other manufacturers that bet on it (such as Xiaomi or Huawei) try to beat the competitors it will have in the market and wait for Apple to show signs of improvement. life is something that seems more complicated each time).

Great camera for OPPO Find N2

The Find N2 was already a model with a 50MP main sensor and an important camera, which is not missing options such as collaboration with Hasselblad or the use of MariSilicon X NPU, but the Asian company wants to go one step further. And to achieve this, a periscope type element to increase telephoto options very clearly and this will allow you to work with a folding phone with zoom like never before. Of course, Huawei is expected to take a similar step, so it will have competition in the market.

Find OPPO N2 colors


The lens we are talking about does not cause the device to increase the thickness of the area reserved for the cameraThis will be very important for a striking design not to deteriorate and for ergonomics to be sufficient. Also, being able to achieve magnification without having to resort to the use of digital technology would make precision much better. And this can be differential in OPPO Find N3 if the specified one is reached. According to the source of the information, the terminal we are talking about can take over what will be seen in the OPPO Find X6 Pro.

The fold is positioned as the future

This is getting clearer. This does not mean that traditional terminals will disappear, but that devices with folding screens allows for some advanced uses that can even replace tablets. Therefore, OPPO manages to take a step in this market segment, and on the contrary, it is surprising that others such as Apple are not yet present.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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