In Villa Isabel, a neighborhood located on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paraguayan drug lord who could be a key part of the crime committed by anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

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Local media such as ABC assure that Miguel Ángel Insfran, known under the pseudonym Tío Rico, has been arrested. EL TIEMPO announced that one of the shooters had assured him that he was hiding in Colombia at the end of 2022.

Indeed, Francisco Luis Correa, who planned the crime, told investigators in Colombia that the Paraguayan drug lord is in hiding. He sets off for La Guajira, where shipments of cocaine are carried by the Pérez Hoyos brothers, who were captured a few weeks ago.

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EL TIEMPO explained Correa’s statement that he assured: “Andrés and Ramón work for a Paraguayan man and he is cucho Paraguayan (sic) and the one who put the drugs on Ramón and Andrés. And they are already in charge of removing the drugs from Colombia. They say this Paraguayan man is hiding in La Guajira.”

Paraguay’s International Affairs Prosecutor’s Office just confirmed the news: “Miguel Insfrán, alias Tío Rico, was to be arrested in Brazil, according to preliminary information, and said they were awaiting an official notification. The arrest was to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.“.

“Insfrán was wanted in the middle of operation ‘A Ultranza Py’, in which prosecutor Pecci seized drug jets, smuggling boats and captured 25 people.

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It was an investigation involving 12 prosecutors, including Pecci, with 100 raids to take down the criminal network. As its foundation, it had José Insfrán, a pseudo-Christian pastor who frequented Colombia and his brother Miguel Ángel Insfrán.aka Uncle Rico.

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