In an intervention from San Benito Abad, Sucre, President Gustavo Petro sharpened his speech regarding the sanction decision taken by the Attorney General’s office in the last hours and called on the public to demonstrate.

In his speech on Saturday afternoon, he showed his support for SAE chief Daniel Rojas Medellín, whom the Attorney General’s Office decided to suspend for three months. This is the first suspension of President Petro against a government official by the Public Ministry.

According to the organization, which is led by attorney Margarita Cabello, “there may be a possible disciplinary offense by public officials arising from an alleged breach of contract to buy a bundle of shares corresponding to 82.16 percent of Triple A’s committed shares.” SA ESP” reported entity.

The president stated this Saturday that when the SAE began handing over mafia properties to the villagers, “an investigative body emerged that never investigated the colossal theft of seized mafia property” and “then yes, it launched a whole new investigation.”

Petro touched upon the issue during the handover of 243 hectares of land corresponding to the properties of El Romero and El Principio held by SAE to 52 peasant families.

The Attorney General’s Office underlined that the position of the chairman and vice-presidents of SAE could result in material damage due to their alleged failure to comply with the contractual obligation to transfer the shares that are the subject of the sale.

The head of state said in front of his followers in Sucre that “it is the people who rule” and that “they should not allow the people to be removed from power because then others will use it against them”.

“Is this justice? Just what do we see in this phenomenon? Barely the first ‘bell’. It is the first step that 11 and a half million strong voters, men and women, young and old, decided to do in the squares to prevent us from doing what we promised. Change in Colombia “, Edited.

He was determined to support the demonstrations in favor of the Government in the presence of the vice-presidents. “That’s why we need to move faster here than the institutions themselves. Don’t think there will be changes if we continue to sit in the corner of the aisle of the house while some gentlemen in ties determine our fate there in Congress. Changes will not happen like this,” said Akıncı, adding, “If the society in need takes to the streets, moves, gathers, gathers, if there is change, it will come and it will be profound.”

Minutes after joining Sucre, Petro spoke on his Twitter account of the mobilization in support of his Government. “This Tuesday I will be waiting for you on the balcony of the Nariño palace and in all the squares of the country. We risk everything so that Colombia will change in favor of the Colombian people,” he said.


Source: Exame

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