The process of requesting a visa to the United States can be lengthy and expensive in some cases, but essentially it is surrounded by a lot of uncertainty. Everything you need to run the process correctly To obtain the requested visa.

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If what you are looking for is a Tourist visaHere we answer your questions about how much money you need to show that your entire trip to the United States can be covered.

No specific amount is required to enter the North American country, but a verifiable economic solvency.

To start the application, first payment to be made This would be the standard US visa fee of $160, equivalent to approximately 766,000 Colombian pesos.

In the case of Colombia, no other additional costs for any visa type, as shown on the travel.state page for information on government visa procedures.

However, there are other specific procedures that apply to each visa. fee to be paid by the applicant.

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Economic status will be one of the first questions an applicant seeking a visa will ask.

Although bank statements are not usually requested, experts – if they want to avoid any doubts from the US authorities – recommend that the applicant should have between five and twelve million Colombian pesos in his bank account; It took a trip to the United States to reach it.

Although this is not a mandatory requirement, will allow you to convey greater peace of mind To the consular authorities of your leisure trip in the United States.

The person applying for a tourist visa must prove that they have the necessary capital or a stable job. guarantees that you can afford your trip.

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for minors, students or seniors, the applicant must demonstrate that the costs will be borne by a third party; so that the other person has to demonstrate his or her financial solvency or request a visa if he or she is going to travel.

In addition to citing adequate resources, the interviewer states that the applicant will only travel temporarily and You will not attempt to stay in the United States longer than permitted.

Financial information of anyone wishing to apply for a visa Complete the DS-160 application.

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In it, you should write down the monthly income received, as well as information about employment and the workplace where you work. This information will be verified by the authorities.

The information you enter must be consistent with your actual income and will be used to verify that you have sufficient funds for your trip.


Source: Exame

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