On Wednesday, February 15, different social and political segments will mobilize the streets of Bogota. Protest against the administration of the government of President Gustavo Petro and the different reforms it is preparing in the fields of health, pensions and work.

The Centro Democrático party and other factions of the opposition announced that mobilizations were called to begin at different collection points across Colombia. In the case of Bogotá, the National Park is designated and from there they will go to the Plaza de Bolivar in the center of the city.

The Bogotá Municipality announced that the mobilizations on February 15 will be accompanied by 1,530 police officers and 260 Dialogue and Coexistence executives. In addition, a team from the Ministry of Mobility will attend the sessions and reach out to around 2,000 officials who monitor to see if there are any problems during the session. Public transport such as Transmilenio and SITP will operate normally.


Source: Exame

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