Emojis are added on different keyboards of users once a year and for several months. It was known that a renewed package would arrive by 2023..

According to the MacRumors portal, With the iOS 15.4 update, Apple added support for Emoji 14, The version with a new range of these.

A total of 37 new emoji and 75 skin tone plugins have arrived In emoji 14, it results in a total of 112 characters at the time.

There are new hand emojis like heart hands, right hand along with new options. hand left, palm downPalm up, index finger and thumb crossed, an update to the hand and handshake emoji with index finger pointing at the viewer.

Now, a few hours ago, new emoji designs that were part of the beta version of iOS 16.4 are also included. trembling face, two hands pushing each other and the much desired simple pink heart emoji.

Completely with the latest update On February 16, 31 new emojis arrived on Apple devices in beta.

Source: Exame

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