Tiktok is a Chinese social network created by ByteDance tech developers where you can record, edit and share short videos in a loop with music backgrounds, sound effects and the ability to add filters or visual effects.

According to the figures collected by Statista until the end of 2022, this is the number of monthly active users. social network amounted to 814.5 million. Faced with this audience, a company is looking for a group of people to evaluate trends.

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everywhere, An influencer marketing agency is looking for three people who can be “trend catchers” and submits the number. $100 per hour The goal is to allow the agency’s clients to use them to increase their social media presence.

“Selected candidates will also help us discover emerging trends by filling out a simple document to note any recurring trends they identify,” the company says.

The vacant position is defined as a ‘TikTok viewer’ and to apply you must subscribe to this agency’s YouTube channel and Submit a short review stating why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Other requirements are: be over 18 and have prior knowledge of the platform. After the observation, the experience should be posted on social networks and the company should be mentioned.

The deadline for applications is the next 31 May, those selected will receive a notification seven days later.

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