Receiving calls from unwanted numbers or perhaps unknown numbers can be one of the worst experiences. For this, various applications have been developed for users to have in some way. ‘caller ID’ installed on your mobile.

one of the most popular looking for the rightIt is an application with a large database of personal and business numbers so that the person who downloads it can check whether it was a call from a bank collection or from a suspicious person.

It also lets you block text messages.

Available for Android and iOS.

This option also has the option of showing the geolocation of the calls, so you can also find out from which location they are trying to contact you.

The coverage is global and currently has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

One of the advantages of this ‘app’ is that this tool shows the last activity on the social network if the number of the person you are calling is associated with apps like Facebook.It allows you to send a number to ‘spam’ and record calls.

Source: Exame

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