Formatting your iPhone can be quite helpful in many situations. It may cause memory fullness, so you will need to migrate existing data to iCloud cloud so you don’t lose them when you reset your device and continue using the internal storage.

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Likewise, it will be able to fix some bugs that the operating system may present due to the passage of time. Of course, this may give you some benefits such as good phone operation, but also Correct processing of RAM, which serves to make applications run faster.

Formatting the operating system is part of the most basic functions of every iPhone. To activate the mod, you need to go to the “Settings” section, they will ask for some security information to verify the identity of the owner of the device.

You should pay close attention to this function, because means permanent deletion of information it is not saved in iCloud storage.

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If you did everything right, the phone will be reset to how it was when you bought it. Therefore, this function is called factory settings. Of course, you must keep your Apple ID password in mind, otherwise you will not be able to format the mobile phone.

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Source: Exame

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