The Internet has been evolving ever since it emerged in the 1980s, with many professionals thinking of ways to improve their user experience. This is how technology passed from Web 1.0, it reached Web 2.0 and now on the third stage of discussion, Web 3.0..

Although the concept is not new and has been discussed for several years, many people are still unaware of how this new phase of the internet is supposed to work. With this in mind, we have prepared a detailed article. Web 3.0’s potential challenges and opportunities. Check it out below!

Web 3.0: the new internet age must face challenges

The Internet's Third Wave is set to completely change the browsing experience.  (Freepik/Playback)

Someone Web 3.0’s most discussed challenges are its usability.. This is because the design of the internet has to be completely changed, as the offer and cryptocurrencies developed from Blockchain, an advanced knowledge sharing database, are used as exchange currency.

Because of this, many people will have to learn how to use the new tools that should emerge as well as become familiar with concepts such as digital wallets and public keys. This transition period may take several years as users need to show some resilience to adapt to the new age of the internet.

Another big challenge to face lack of control and monitoring of data. While this is one of the most positive aspects of this new era, it also makes room for hate speech and extremist groups to intensify, making it difficult to detect and punish these people.

However, it should be noted that although the format has been discussed for a long time, Web 3.0 is still under construction. So, as has been the case since the implementation of Web 2.0, solutions to these and other challenges must be presented over time.

Facing these challenges will be necessary for the proposal to become attractive to companies, investors and also to the entire world population.

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Opportunities appearing

Web 3.0 must optimize existing technologies, improve service delivery to companies, and even provide greater profitability. for various institutions.

For example, artificial intelligence will be strengthened with advanced information systems and will enable machines, systems and robots to receive an intense data flow. This will make the tasks performed by them even better, such as customer service through chatbots and the advancement of autonomous cars.

The metadata store can also be expanded in this new phase. 3D scenarios and virtual reality should be implemented in e-commerce, allowing customers to “try” products and services even before closing a deal.

These innovations promise to increase the revenues of sellers while improving the shopping experience for consumers.

Also, Web 3.0 promises to completely change the way we look at cryptocurrencies today. The widespread use of these digital currencies for online payments is expected to make them more popular and increase their market value.

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Is Brazil ready for Web 3.0?

Expanding 5G coverage should be one of the main technological focuses in the country in the years to come.  (Freepik/Playback)

Despite all the advantages that the Third Wave of the Internet has promised the world, Brazil is not yet ready to implement. For this reason, the country has to compete with time in order not to be left out of this digital transformation.

one of the biggest challenges It lies in the low participation of Brazilians in information and communication technologies.. In addition to improving the population’s access to computers and the Internet, Brazil needs to promote its use in schools and universities. These measures allow you to become more familiar with the technology.

Also, 5G needs to be brought inland faster, as the new phase of the internet requires a stable and ultra-fast connection to work.

Support between public and private initiatives will be necessary to implement these tasks. Together, these organizations will be able to develop policies and strategies to prepare the country for the technological changes in the coming years.

It is very important for the industry and companies to participate in this transformation, as it will be one of the areas where the industry will benefit most from Web 3.0. Also, preparing the country for the digital revolution keeps it competitive against other nations.

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