Fans of Formula 1, the highest category of world motorsport, New collaboration between Street View and McLaren team, It allows users to virtually access the team’s facilities and experience a professional pilot with one click.

Google became one of the main sponsors of 2023 cars by Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris. to immerse audiences in the privacy of the McLaren Technology Center (CTM) in Surrey, England. There, you will not only walk the aisles of this British company, but also learn about its importance in motorsport history.

“Street View has taken you to amazing places to learn, be inspired and explore from a very young age over the last 15 years. Above Earth on the International Space Station into the ocean and even into an active volcano,” says the official Google page.

“With this latest collection, We hope F1 fans will enjoy the 60-year journey through history. The number of races with McLaren,” he adds.

This method will allow you to immerse yourself in one of the team’s cars, wander through the corridors of the complex, but above all learn the history of one of the most traditional teams in the competition. visualization of cars positioned at the main entrance.

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The first thing is to enter Google Maps. There, type the search manager “McLaren Technology Center (CTM)” and select the yellow contact icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Drag it to one of the points on the map so that the app can show the preview inside the facilities. After entering thewalking the aisles of the team; Don’t forget to click the blue buttons to move from one room to another.

“Get in the driver’s seat and explore the cockpit of a Formula 1 race car” (…) Meet McLaren’s iconic Formula 1 race cars Years spent exploring MTC”; discloses Google in its promotional statement with the team.

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Source: Exame

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