No one is safe at home as orders are given in Tintal. And us frogs will detonate grenades in the car (…) we are giving them 48 hours to resign (managers) or they will all pay.”

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It’s just a snippet Brochures that have been circulating in the entrance hall, elevators and walls of the Parque Central Tintal Stage I residential complex for 20 daysThe town of Kennedy, south of Bogotá.

According to this The testimonies of several residents who are members of the Venezuelan criminal gang ‘Tren de Aragua’ will reside in the same complex and they gave an ultimatum not to condemn what happened in this residential park.

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EL TIEMPO was in the field and wandered the aisles where the brochures appeared. and by water tanks that pose a poisoning threat. This report.

According to joint management; More than 100 move-ins in the last month, those who handed over the apartments that they rented and preferred to leave out of fear.

In fact they claimed The main fear comes from the threat of poisoning of water tanks. where the liquid is pumped into each apartment.

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The water does not reach the flats directly from the aqueduct, everything passes through the tanks located at the top of each tower, which are very vulnerable.because there are several tanks in each tower,” Edwin Zartos, manager of the residential complex, assured.

In fact, he claimed Some foreigners residing on the site received threats for drawing attention to excessive noise, sex work and psychoactive substance consumption late at night.

“When the first threat came in JanuaryWe went and reported it and nothing happened, they said that it is normal for such things to happen and that adults should take action to take precautions.said Zartos.

According to residents, The monthly rent for the 2-bedroom apartments ranges from 650,000 pesos to 750 pesos, although in some cases it is not disclosed how groups of up to 12 people reside in the properties..

“First, two people with valid documents came to rent an apartment, then we saw how people came in one by one with bags and continued to live together,” one resident said.

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And they added They chose to go up and down from the 12th floor because they were afraid to use the elevators because they feared their lives would be in danger. For infrastructure damage.

About, About a week ago, Bogotá mayor Claudia López announced the establishment of a security front and appointed an elite Police group to deal with the situation..

“We have taken concrete measures: we have formed the security front with the residents of Parque Central Tintal, strengthened the surveillance of the quarter, and we have a team from Gaula and Sijín that does intelligence work and disrupts gangs like ‘Los Camilos’, ‘Satanás’ and ‘Tren de Aragua’, in groups. We will also catch these people who pose a threat,” he said.

And he added that this will not be about the “Aragua Train”, but about the people acting like this criminal organization. “We believe that they are not really ‘Tren de Aragua’ or a big gang, but rather criminals who use that organization’s name to intimidate.”.

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According to the set manager, this group elite It makes presence and intelligence in the region every day to find those responsible for the threats and extortions that continue to create terror in the region..

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