Spotify redesigns central home screen Trying to make it easy for users to find new things to listen to and watch.

The new design is image-based and vertical scrolling, transforming your home screen from a collection of album covers to a feed much like other apps like TikTok and Instagram.


As you swipe, the app hopes to make it easier to discover new things in its ecosystem. The new look Spotify just announced at its Stream On event is a clear testament to what kind of company it wants to be..

In recent years, the firm has invested in podcasts, audiobooks, live audio, and more in an effort to become more than just a music app. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek told expert media: The company also wants to be a home for creators Border It expected to have more than 50 million “sound creators” on the platform by 2021.

Spotify has also pressured to make video podcasts for years and now you’re largely watching YouTube achieve it.

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Likewise, Spotify has sought to direct users to more differentiated and more profitable content, which often means that it is more difficult to listen to music.

So the new app design seems partly aimed at creating a more private space for all these new content types.

Spotify has struggled for years to find ways to market podcasts and music, among other services, but it seems to agree that the best answer is to give everything more room to breathe.

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In the future, when you open Spotify, you will still see a bunch of album art and playlists at the top. But below it, you can see an auto-playing video podcast that you can access with a tap.

Or you can see a large Instagram-style photo to tell you a little more about a playlist you might like.

At the top, if you tap “Music” or “Podcasts & Shows”, you’ll be taken to a dedicated vertically scrolling feed that’s more like Instagram Stories or TikTok than the Spotify you’re used to. part of Spotify. You can browse as many times as you want, each one playing automatically to give you an idea of ​​what it’s all about, or just tap one to dive in and save or explore more.

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Full-screen vertical scrolling is now ubiquitous and a useful tool for exploration. Billions of users are used to experiencing a dozen things they don’t like before they end up with the one they love. And in this new guise, every song, playlist or podcast has an instant extra chance to catch you.

Another new feature you might notice in Spotify is a more personalized AI.. The Smart Shuffle feature, which temporarily adds tracks to your existing playlists, is supposedly an improvement on the “playlist just for you” idea Spotify has been working on for years, and don’t forget DJing, AI that spins records. contains its own.


Source: Exame

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