On Friday, March 10, at around 04:20 in the morning, severe shaking was felt in a large part of the country. Many Colombians received a warning Google on mobile phones minutes before the earthquake.

“Android Earthquake Warning System is a free service that detects earthquakes around the world and can alert Android users before a tremor begins,” the company website says.

This system works free of charge and its main purpose is to support the authorities and people to prevent deaths in these natural events.

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This is step by step to enable earthquake notifications according to Google support.

1. Open phone settings.
2. Press ‘Safety and emergency’ and then, ‘Earthquake Warnings’.
If you cannot find the “Security and emergency” option, ‘Location’ and then‘Developed’then select ‘Earthquake Warnings’.

Google uses the ‘ShakeAlert’ system, a network of 1675 seismic sensors, to detect shaking from earthquakes. The app analyzes the sensor data to determine the location and magnitude of the earthquake.

The ShakeAlert system sends a signal to the Android Earthquake Alert system, which sends an earthquake alert directly to Android users.

The largest and deadliest earthquakes in history

That’s life in Los Santos, Colombia’s most trembling town.

Earthquake in Colombia: authorities activated inspection to determine damage

Source: Exame

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