Evacuated buildings and panic in many cities. This was the panorama that emerged in the early morning hours of Friday, March 10, due to the severe shaking that shook Colombia.

(In context: Strong shaking in Colombia: the magnitude of the movement was 5.9)

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Los Santos, Santander, with a magnitude of 5.9. This municipality is considered to be the second seismic hotspot in the world.

The country’s aid agencies are assessing whether the earthquake has had any effects. Actually, Google has sent an alert to warn that a major earthquake has occurred.

According to SGC, the earthquake was of a magnitude 5, which means it was felt strongly.

In fact, citizens of various capitals rate him as one of the strongest in recent years.

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Social networks have images and videos of the horror this Friday morning.

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Alarms began to sound in Bucaramanga, Medellín, Bogotá, Cali and other capital cities calling for buildings to be evacuated. Many people left their homes around 4:18 am.

Aid agencies are conducting a scan to determine if there is any damage in the country.


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Severe shaking in Colombia: the magnitude of the movement was 5.9

Source: Exame

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