Spotify and Apple Music have become the two most popular options among millions of users when choosing a platform for listening to music.

Both offer very similar features, for example ability to play millions of songs, compatibility with many devices, ‘premium’ plans, etc. However, they have certain differences.


These apps areThey have ‘premium’ plans that give unlimited access to all their content.; that is, for a monthly or annual fee, ad-free and with the possibility of downloading music for offline listening.

However, Apple Music There is no free version as Spotify does not include, where the user does not need to pay to listen to music, but will find limitations when it comes to playing or playing songs and also advertising.

According to ‘Digital Trends’, Spotify currently has over 433 million users and 188 million subscribers ‘prize’ Worldwide. Although Apple Music is the leader in digital music, currently follows Spotify with 98 million users.

Both services are great, but if you only have to choose one, you need to be clear about specific choices that will tip your balance towards one or the other.

According to ‘Computer Hoy’, a communications medium specializing in news, technology and internet, some of the differences are:

1. Sound quality
​ ​

One of the key differences between Spotify and Apple Music is the sound quality.

highest quality Spotify audio stream is 320 kbps. There are also lower quality options such as 24 kbit/s, 96 kbit/s and 160 kbit/s.

While Apple Music surpasses it in streaming quality, As it supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz. It also has other options like 16-bit/44.1kHz and 24-bit/48kHz. For those who want to consume less data, 256 kbps option is also offered.

2. Content
​ ​

catalog Spotify consists of over 82 million songsas well as being able to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

on his behalf Apple Music focuses on music with over 100 million songs. You can also choose to listen to live radio from all over the world.
There are also Apple-exclusive digital radio stations and shows, as well as live performance videos of music concerts you won’t find anywhere else.

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3. New music
​ ​

The ways to discover new music on Spotify and Apple Music are different.
Spotify has a service that offers six playlists Daily Mix based on your music taste and the best playlists you have actively.

Besides that, it also has a playlist named after it. “Weekly Reconnaissance” and “News Radar”featuring new music from artists you follow or like.

When it comes to Apple Music, It offers personalized music in ‘Listen’ and ‘Browse’ tabs where you can find mixes, playlists, songs, albums and stations. There are also Apple Music playlists with new music.

4. Availability
​ ​

In this sense, there is no type of complaint because both services are available on iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Android and Windows. Moreover, Either way, they’re available on the web if you prefer.

But Spotify is ahead of Apple Music as it also supports Linux, smart TV operating systems, game consoles, smart speakers and more.

5. Unique Features
​ ​

It has some unique features like Spotify buy audiobooks, translate lyrics, watch video podcasts and create collaborative playlists with your friends.

on his behalf Apple Music has add-ons like Apple Music Sing, Top Charts (to see the most listened songs in the world and in various cities), the ability to listen to music with another person using SharePlay during a video or audio call.

You’ll also find music videos, mini-documents, artist interviews, and even live performances in both audio and video formats, and if you’re on iOS 16.2, you add a great karaoke option.

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6. Prices
​ ​

You can sign up at Spotify and start using Spotify using the limited ad-supported plan.

However, if you prefer one of the payment plans with no ads or restrictions and even download the music you want, you should choose one of the four available options:

– Individual: $14,000 per month. It is valid for one person.

– Binary: $19,900 per month. Valid for two people.

– Family: $23,900 per month. Valid for six people.

– University: $7,900 per month. It is valid for university students who meet the conditions.

Apple Music doesn’t have any free plans, so you should always have access to one of the three payment plans. These:

– Students: $8,500 per month. Valid for students who meet the requirements.

– Individual: $16,900 per month.
It is valid for one person.

– Family: $25,900 per month.
Valid for six people.


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