The death of Andrés Gómez León shocked the inhabitants of the town of Chapinero. His body was found in strange conditions in a residence in northern Bogotá..

The family had not been in contact with Gómez León since Friday, March 10, and on Saturday the building management reported that the garage was open and his car was not there, his mother, María Alicia, told Citytv.

“I’ve been calling him since Saturday and he won’t answer me” says the mother, who found the body. With the help of a locksmith they managed to open the door to the house and there was the half-naked man: “When I came in I saw him lying on one side of the bed on the bed.”

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As the investigations continued, some of the man’s recent conversations with friends and family became known, mentioning another person who would become a Venezuelan citizen.

In conversations known to ‘Noticias RCN’, Andrés Gómez León can be heard saying: “I started dating a Chinese man in Venezuela, don’t tell him I told you because that’s the first thing he warned me about.“.

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Money is heard in another part of the conversation: “He was just asking, help me with this, help me with that, ask me, what he lent me sometimes he would return it, sometimes he wouldn’t.” ends.Police conduct relevant investigative duties to shed light on the facts that this beautician died.

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Source: Exame

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