The Dutch Government announced on Tuesday that business phones received by government officials will be configured so that only pre-approved apps can be installed, Avoiding those who are “sensitive to spying” like the TikTok social network.

Foreign Minister Alexandra va Hufflen, in a letter to Parliament, Holland the use of these platforms on business phones for all officials is immediately deterred due to the risk of “espionage” and in the short term, It will be prohibited to download applications that are considered risky to the mobile phones of public employees. There are 140,000 civil servants in this country, but it is not clear how many have a business phone separate from their personal cell phone.

Mark Rutte’s Director, for his part, follows the recommendations of the Dutch General Intelligence Service (AIVD), Who warned him about the increased risk of spying on government phones? It’s where apps “managed by countries with an aggressive cyber program targeting Dutch interests” are installed, including China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

that means US-based apps like Instagram and Facebook are not on the list of risky apps.

Source: Exame

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