Movie tetrisdirected by John S. Baird, available March 31 at AppleTV+, poses an important dilemma. What makes the great symbols of popular culture enduring? Henk Rogers (Taron Egerton) tries to answer the question in terms of simplicity.

For the character, a video game designer and marketer who believes tetris the greatest entertainment ever created, the answer is clear. Behind every popular phenomenon there is a purpose, and in this case it is entertainment. The disappearance of reality, while several parts on the screen are put together.

It is this argument that is based on how something so simple could enchant the world. Henk Rogers and his wife Akemi (Ayane Nagabuchi), owners Bulletproof SoftwareThey know almost instinctively that they are on the verge of a revolution. So they will fight with all the weapons at their disposal for distribution rights. tetris. Noah Pink’s script suggests that this fiction, which tries to be as close to reality as possible, has more dimensions than it seems. The game—and its success—transcends cultural and ideological dilemmas.

plot tetris crosses the American business world, as well as tensions on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Year 1988 and the creation of the designer Alexey Pajitnov (Nikita Efremov) not quite his. It is actually considered part of the legacy of the Soviet Union. Therefore, both Hank Rogers and all those who apply for a license will have to cross borders into the political world they do not know.

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The film by John S. Byrd tells how the game, invented by the Russian Alexei Pajitnov, became a mass phenomenon and at the same time a political dilemma that pitted American capitalism against Russian communism. And all this in the midst of a silent and imperceptible struggle of those who knew the power of a simple, addictive game that is destined to become worldwide. The film’s best moments are achieved when it concentrates on real events and forgets about the fictional thriller it tries to be. However, the plot falls short of his ambition and ends up being a convoluted combination of various unfinished elements that never lead to any conclusion.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Play the dangerous board

One of the film’s greatest strengths is how it depicts a battle between two polarizing extremes. a game tetris it becomes a metaphor for greed for the possibility of imminent and overwhelming success. to efforts Henk to bring the game to North America, he opposes competition from Robert Maxwell (Roger Allam), his eldest son and partner Kevin (Anthony Boyle) and Robert Stein (Toby Jones). The latter becomes something more than a businessman at the center of a conflict of interest, an unscrupulous businessman capable of anything to achieve a victory that he is convinced will change the video game industry.

Certainly, Robert Stein Right. The argument soon shows that tetris this is much more than a good idea. This entertainment is available to everyone, simple and exciting. The film explores the possibility of turning this combination of elements into a very profitable business. Also, in an experience that goes beyond seasoned fans and casual players.

Meanwhile, communist Russia battles American capitalism in neat, quiet scenes. The camera zooms in on the negotiators, capturing them at polished steel tables. The white walls look like the backdrop of a story about to be told.

Cinematographer Alvin H. Kuhler tries to give the production the simplicity of the main game. Then the experience becomes exciting. During negotiations between an American company and a Russian eorg delves into the mystery of what the player wants. What was it tetris have a huge impact that did it? The idea is approached retrospectively. But at the core is the notion that everything can be a structure of traps, deceptions and half-truths that can collapse at the slightest mistake.

How Tetris Became a World Phenomenon

At all, tetris it loses some of its brilliant tension, succumbing to the usual clichés and showing political conflicts through a small lens. Russia is a grandiose intrigue that the director fills with car chases and figures standing on street corners in dark coats. In the second half, a clever reimagining of the game in the arena of business negotiations turns into a political thriller, or at least tries to be one.

However, the end of the tape restores the rhythm of the network of traps that the involved businessmen have set among themselves in order to achieve success. Again the game and its importance become the main scenario. Which one to close tetrisis a recent history lesson and reflection on collective obsessions.

Like a strange symbol of what the masses might need tetris It ends with an ambiguous and well-executed scene that questions contemporary greed. It also conveys the message that history will always have multiple versions and ways of being ordered. Your interpretation will depend on this schema. A curious approach that fully reflects the video game that is destined to go down in history.

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