Laura Sofia died in the middle of plastic surgery in Bogotá. He had come from Spain with the idea of ​​improving some aspects of his physical appearance, but he and his family never imagined that he would die.

The young victim was so excited that he sent the money in advance and paid the full cost of the intervention. For now, it is known that the surgical intervention will be performed on Friday, September 15 and that he will die there.

The victim’s relative, Gabriela Duarte, said the young woman was operated on by surgeon Brenda Selecta, who introduced herself to the family as a cosmetic doctor. “There was a lot of persuasion, and that’s why Sofia agreed to have surgery with this woman.”

He added that around 1 o’clock in the afternoon on the day of the operation, Sofia came out of the intervention very badly and started to shake, and the patient fell off the stretcher due to carelessness. “The seizures increased and Sofía began to contort. So they took him to Olaya Clinic where his vital signs were very low. “They intubated him, but he didn’t survive.”

If having surgery with a certified plastic surgeon carries with it the risks that are warned about before the intervention, having it done with beauticians, non-accredited or non-specialist doctors, stylists or just individuals is almost suicide. This year, the tragedies of women who decided to undergo surgery without considering the consequences for their families and the consequences if the patients died are now known.

According to the Bogotá Regional Health Secretariat (SDS), complaints regarding the deaths of seven patients were received between 2020 and 2022. Plastic and aesthetic surgeries were performed on these people, and all of them experienced disruptions in the provision of care and health services.

The most serious thing is that this year this newspaper has learned about many cases in which women, especially, suffered from the drama of risky and invasive surgical interventions, and the worst thing: those who performed them were not suitable professionals.

According to SDS’s Sígueme Q application records for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, 404 complaints were filed in Bogota due to alleged failures in the quality of healthcare delivery in aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures.

This organization carries out five types of visits to healthcare providers, including those who perform and provide surgical and aesthetic procedure services: verification prior to registration of a new Healthcare Provider, compliance with the requirements of the Single Qualification System, alleged failures in the quality of healthcare delivery, healthcare provider and active investigation and reactivation visits to verify the registration of any issuing individual or entity in the Special Registry of Healthcare Providers (REPS). Through control visits and screenings carried out by verifying the complaints submitted by service users, individuals or organizations acting against the law are identified, security measures are taken against them and relevant administrative investigations are initiated.

Likewise, verification visits are carried out upon complaints submitted by healthcare service users, where individuals or institutions acting unlawfully can be identified and security measures such as temporary and preventive suspension of the relevant service or institution are implemented. Seizing expired drugs and initiating relevant investigations.

On the home page of, in the main banner, a list of healthcare providers authorized to perform plastic and aesthetic surgery in Bogota is published every six months. This information was last updated in January 2023.

As of May 24, 2023, 109 Healthcare Providers – IPS have activated Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (surgery) and Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (consultation) services in the Special Registry of Healthcare Providers.

One of the problems is that patients do not report due to fear or embarrassment, according to plastic surgeon Felipe Castro Esguerra, a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgeons. “Be wary of promotions or combinations. “These processes require years of work and expertise.”

According to the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), there was an overall 19.3% increase in procedures performed by plastic surgeons in 2021, with more than 12.8 million surgical procedures and more than 17.5 million non-surgical surgeries performed worldwide. . The five most popular are liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and tummy tuck surgery.

The top five non-surgical procedures are botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, hair removal, skin tightening and fat reduction. Surgical procedures continue to be performed predominantly in hospitals (43.5%) or offices (35.6%). The countries that receive the most foreign patients are Türkiye, Colombia, Mexico and Thailand. This is a good thing for the union, but scammers continue to take advantage of this demand.

In May this year, a woman who had plastic surgery died in an apartment in the Kennedy town of Bogotá. The body of the 46-year-old victim was removed from the scene in bags and in disorder. It all happened at noon on May 18. The woman, identified as Rosalba Rodríguez (46), went there to have liposuction, but there, apparently, they did not have the necessary permits to perform such a procedure.

She supposedly died in the middle of the surgery, and according to her husband’s statement, her body was removed from the building in a plastic bag without waiting for the necessary procedures from the prosecution.

Apparently, they allege that the husband of the woman who performed the procedure and ended Rosalba Rodríguez’s life was an active member of the police and may have used a patrol car to remove the body from the area. All this is a matter of research.

In March this year, the family of a security guard in Bogota suffered a complete tragedy after the woman underwent plastic surgery at an enterprise in the south of the capital, which she found on social networks. On Thursday, March 23, they offered him liposuction at the aesthetic center for 1,800,000 pesos. After the procedure, the 34-year-old victim began to see burns on his body and feel severe stomach pain.

The woman decided to go to the doctor on Saturday, March 25, to find out how her health was. She suffered a serious health condition and struggled between life and death. One of the relatives described the medical tragedy: “He left at 11pm on Thursday and by Friday he was in serious condition, the procedure was very invasive and he was in critical condition.”

Additionally, the family member stated that as a result of the intervention, gangrene occurred in his abdomen and they had to remove the affected part, and that “part of his arms and his entire body were completely infected.”

After the victim was hospitalized, his family started calling the surgeon who performed the operation and explaining what had happened, but neither he nor the people in charge of this medical center in the town of Usme came forward. This is how the authorities are advancing the investigation into this unfortunate case.

In June, a woman in Bogotá who paid for plastic surgery on her buttocks reported that she contracted a bacteria that caused serious health problems. According to the complaint, the ‘professional’ who offered his services would show him photos of other patients, not their interventions, which turned out to be from famous surgeons.

This 28-year-old woman was operated on by a fake doctor. “One month after that operation, her entire health condition deteriorated. She began to ooze matter and a clear liquid. And when she tried to complain, the so-called surgeon told her she was in Miami, at a clinic there. “We contacted them and they told us he had never performed surgery there,” said Vanessa Villamil, the victim’s family.

They added that they trusted them because they saw the diplomas with titles in their relatives’ offices. “But now he has an aggressive bacteria in his body. “They determine what type it is and then reconstruct the hips.”

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