With the advent of technology in work environments, it has been possible to optimize the time of some functions that were formerly convoluted and very extensive. However, with the development of digital technology, so are the ways to entertain the public Generally.

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And with that social networks or video games caused employees to lose valuable work time for immersing themselves in the internet by playing around with their loved ones or simply immersing themselves in the screen for hours.

According to a report by British company Feel Good Contacts, Colombia one of the world leaders ranks tenth in the number of hours citizens spend in front of some type of screen a day an average of 10:07 hours.

To deal with such impressions, some mobile apps have been created, although it may seem paradoxical.They will help you focus a lot more every time you decide to look at your phone for a distraction. or browse the internet unnecessarily.

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This Chrome extension monitors your browsing habits and allows you to set a limit to manage the time you spend on each website. After the set time has elapsed, the ‘app’ automatically blocks access to portals that cause you to procrastinate.

This app will allow you to build concentration habits with active breaks. Hereí you will need to create a miniature forest that will die if you open another application. Also, every forest you create accumulates to plant a real tree.

It allows you to create simple Pomodoro watches to keep track of your work and break times. In addition Provides recordings of your work sessions with productivity charts this will allow you to keep track of your daily tasks.

It helps you manage your windows so you can focus on a single task at work, whether on your mobile phone or desktop computer. only illumination of the values ​​window.

You can use RescueTime, an ‘app’ that generates statistics and positive and negative alerts based on the achievement of your goals.


Source: Exame

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