This levothyroxine It has been used historically to treat to treat thyroid cancer as well as conditions of hyperthyroidism through radioactive iodine therapies. These hormone-type drugs are useful in such cases to replace the missing hormone.

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In fact, the use of these drugs is very important, given the harmful effects of the ineffectiveness of hormones; when it comes to thyroid, poor growth, lack of energy, constipation, hair loss, joint pain, and heavy or irregular menstrual periods.

It is taken orally and usually on an empty stomach. promoting greater absorption of the drug. Although it is swallowed slowly, it is recommended to consult your doctor so that he can prescribe the appropriate dose for your treatment.

Otherwise, you may experience side effects or potentially serious effects if you exceed the appropriate dose.

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According to the Spanish Society of Pediatrics, levothyroxine can have harmful effects on health. cardiovascular: (tachycardia, palpitations, arrhythmias) and at the level of the central nervous system (insomnia, irritability, difficulty falling asleep).

The peripheral nervous system can also be affected by cramps, excessive sweating and heat intolerance. You should take into account that the high dose of the drug should be treated by specialists who must monitor the patient, because heSymptoms do not appear for a week and when absorbed by the body.

Treatments to deal with this overdose are induction of vomiting and gastric lavage and administration of oxygen, and assisted ventilation in the case of shock or plasmapheresis, a treatment in which the plasma (the liquid part of the blood) is separated from the cells. .



Source: Exame

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