One who passed away this Friday The woman who was burned with gasoline in a crowded square in Lima died in the hospital she was taken to. for ex boyfriendThe fleeing shocked Peru and once again exposed the slowness of the authorities in cases of femicide.

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Katherine Gomez, 18, Gasoline sprayed by ex-wife He was urgently taken to Loayza Hospital last Saturday. burns more than 60% of your body.

“He fought for his life, but unfortunately, The amount of damaged body made it impossible for doctors to save his life. “We were told that she passed away,” Women’s Minister Nancy Tolentino told RPP radio.

According to the police, The perpetrator of the murder is a 19-year-old boy identified as Sergio Tarache Parra.Amid the turmoil caused by the attack in the center of Plaza 2 de Mayo , who fled the scene .

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An arrest warrant was issued only on Thursday, five days after the attack, Tolentino said.

“The police promised me they would exhaust all means to find him,” he added. Peruvian President Dina Boluarte He decided to express his “complete rejection” of the case before the crime in his statements to the press.

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“I think that this violence against women should be stopped. (…) Women are not the property of their husbands,” he added. The minister appealed to young women. not accepting any commitment or relationship with a person who does not respect themAccording to official data, Peru recorded 136 femicides in 2022 versus 146 in 2021 and 138 in 2020.


Source: Exame

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