Twitter owner businessman Elon Musk, as of April 15, Only verified, i.e. fee-paying accounts on the social network can be recommended to other users.

Musk posted a tweet on Tuesday announcing these new measures, which include a remake of the so-called “Twitter Blue”. Qualification applied to accounts that pay a fee to perform verification and thus receive a blue mark.

The South African businessman stated that the measure is the only realistic way to take control of swarms of Artificial Intelligence “bots” interfering with the network through automatically generated content via computer programs.

The measure is, according to the Twitter CEO, It also means that only verified subscribers can vote in polls formulated on the popular social network.. In this way, accounts that do not pay the company will not be included in the suggested tweet stream to other users on the network.

(Also: influencers from France will have to say if they’re using a beautification filter.)

Twitter profiles currently pay approx. 7 dollars a month To get a blue tick on your accounts that guarantee you are a verified profile and give you access to additional features on the network.

The initiative comes just two days after Musk reassured his employees that the company’s value had dropped to $20 billion; that’s less than half of the $44,000 he paid for the purchase last October.

(Also: AI-generated models grace the March cover of Vogue.)

The billionaire, who has cut headcount by nearly a quarter since coming to Twitter and has sold most of the furniture at its San Francisco headquarters, hasn’t been spared the loss of a large number of advertisers, the company’s main source of income. and the new paid “Twitter Blue” doesn’t seem to have improved things either.


Source: Exame

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