With the italki app, you can learn languages ​​anywhere, anytime with native speakers, all you need is your iPhone.

Master multiple languagesIt is an increasingly demanded skill in the business world, and although not required in all jobs, in many cases, a decisive factor for the company when choosing a candidate. But for many people who want to add that extra to their resume and are excited by the idea of ​​learning a new language, it’s pretty complicated. organize your working hours or your personal life with the programs of a language schoolespecially if they have children.

Fortunately, technology exists and it makes our task much easier by providing us with online solutions adapted to our rhythm and schedules. just need to download an app on our electronic device. This is the case of italki, an app that lets you learn 150+ languages ​​online. local and highly qualified teachers.

Download italki for iPhone
App for learning languages

italki App: Learn any language from your iPhone with the help of native English teachers.

How can I learn a language from the comfort of my iPhone with italki?

Available for iOS and Android, this app works simply and uncomplicatedly. you can create a study plan according to your schedulesyour goals, budgets, and interests the language you want to learn.

English, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese are some of the most popular languages ​​within the app, but 150+ language options. You can also choose your teacher, meet and read about them, and choose the person you empathize with the most. Another important fact is that the application is completely flexible in terms of payments. no subscription required and you only pay for the courses you takeeverything goes according to your schedule and the lessons you plan to learn at your own pace.


The italki app does not require a subscription and you only pay for the lessons you take.

Also, a a wide range of tools to complement your education for example: podcasts, vocabulary, language exchange, conversation clubs, exercises, questions and much more. You can also specialize in job and job interview vocabulary or simply preparing for exams and certifications.

Download italki for iPhone

As you can see, italki is a focused application. online and personalized language learningAiming to provide you with complete solutions with local and highly qualified teachers, adapting to the needs and goals of any language you want to learn. Also, you can Anywhere from the comfort of your iPhone and at any time of the day.

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