This is on April 7, The Colombian Geological Service (SGC) had a report of “thermal anomalies” in the Arenas crater of Nevado del Ruiz volcano.. In other words, the temperatures increased within the framework of the orange alert in the face of a possible explosion.

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According to SGC, one of the anomalies reached “the highest recorded value since 2017”. Consider the following information to get a general idea of ​​what the crater looks like and features..

There are two ‘highlands’ at the top of Nevado del Ruiz volcano. As officials stated. Of these, the Arenas crater, which has an extension of 1.6 square kilometers, morphology was structured after the eruptions of 1845, 1985 (Armero tragedy), 1989 and 2012.

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The eruption on the night of 13 November 1985 caused an avalanche to descend from the Lagunilla riverbed until it reached Armero. The municipality was briefly buried. More than 25 thousand people died.

The crater has a diameter of more than 980 meters and a depth of about 300 meters. WITHit has “small ledges or terraces, interior walls, a floor, and large depressions within various fumarolic areas”.

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So called Fumarolic areas are channels where gas emission at high or medium pressures with ash.

As SGC explains on its official website, in the 2012 eruption, the instability that characterized it brought earthquakes, “swelling of the volcanic structure” and persistent emissions of ash, water vapor and sulfur dioxide.

Downgraded to April 7, 2023, there have been no reports of high temperature levels in the crater since 2017.

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Source: Exame

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